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Your Best Self in a Box!
Personal growth delivered to your door...hello happy!
Your Best Self in a Box!
A unique coaching plan delivered monthly to your door. . .
hello happiness!
CoachCrate is Changing to Quarterly!
Starting now, CoachCrate is moving to a Quarterly Box System! 
Keep reading to learn more about the change.

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Why are we shifting?
  • Deeper Dive into Materials: Each quarter will focus on a topic and then give the material to go further into different areas of that topic. For example, if we were working on comfort zone we would also be working on rejection in the same quarter.
  • ​More time to work at your own pace: No more box build up or falling behind. With this quarterly system we give you enough time to deep dive into the work. If you finish early we also provide additional content and resources for you! 
  • More Continuous Support from Us: By getting you the bulk of your content at the beginning of the quarter, it allows us to focus our energy on supporting you in other ways like workshops, check-in's, and challenges
  • Higher Quality Items: Fewer shipments mean we get to spend more time and energy into finding better sustainable, high-quality items that positively contribute to small businesses to bring to your door
Why Now?
With the impact of Covid, we realized now was the best time to switch to a more sustainable model for both you and us. The majority of feedback we've received has been that people feel overwhelmed by the content and the amount of time to do it in. We also want to focus our energy on being able to support you more in-depth and use this time to continue to build the CoachCrate community. 
How does this benefit me?
  • More for your money
  • ​Higher quality items
  • ​ Customize your personal growth to better fit your availability while still having support and structure
  •  ​No more falling behind or built up boxes
  • More chances to connect with the community 
  • ​A chance to participate in a quarterly subscription box model that's never been done before
  • ​Less packaging waste (wahoo!) and less shipping cost
 *Use code 104Life
Two Shipments a Quarter - A deluxe box and mini-mailer! 
(Who doesn't love happy mail?!)
 A complete growth plan, so get the most out of your personal development.
CoachCrate workshops and check-in's help you keep up momentum throughout the quarter.
Community to share and connect while also keeping you on track with your goals.
How It Works:
Step 1
Join the family!
Choose your seasonal subscription: either quarterly or annual.
Save more with longer subscriptions.
No contract, cancel anytime! 
Step 2
Your Deluxe Crate ships to you!
We plan a quarter of personal growth for you!

 Your first shipment is sent on the 18th of the month before the start of the new quarter. 

(This means if you order the fall box, your boxes are shipped starting September 18th)
Step 3
Look out world!
Once you receive your crate unbox and enjoy! 

You will find everything you need to get you started on your growth journey.

Your next shipment will be sent halfway through the quarter to give you extra motivation and momentum! 
What's Included in the Quarterly Membership?
TWO PHYSICAL SHIPMENTS (the Deluxe CoachCrate and a CoachCrate bubble mailer)
  • One Deluxe CoachCrate Box (shipped at the beginning of each quarter)
    TWO Personal Growth books & TWO CoachCrate Book Guides
    Three Month Coaching Plan to provide support and structure
    Custom Journal and Coaching Products
    2-4 Self-care, wellness, and/or productivity items
  • One Support Mailer (shipped half-way through the quarter)

The support mailer contains items like notepads, workbooks, bookmarks, notes from the author, mini-books, and others items to help you keep up excitement and momentum for the quarter.

  • Three-Month Growth Plan

This plan is complete with calendar, checklists, and progress tracking to help you get the most from your growth. 

  • Two Live (Zoom) Workshops

Each workshop will address and explore the topic of the month. Some will feature authors of the book, experts in the topic we're exploring, and other activities to help enrich your experience. 

  • Quarterly Challenge

Each quarter we host a challenge, complete with prizes and bonus accountability to help you reach your goals and see that #progress

  • Online Community 

The CoachCrate family is here to join you on your growth adventure. Ask questions, share your wins, and connect with other like-minded people!

When does each box ship?
Fall Box starts shipping September 18th & has a coaching plan for October, November, and December.
(Mailer Ships November 1st)

Winter Box starts shipping December 18th & has a coaching plan for January, February, and March.
(Mailer Ships February 1st)

Spring Box starts shipping March 18th & has a coaching plan for April, May, and June.
(Mailer Ships May 1st)

Summer Box starts shipping June 18th & has a coaching plan for July, August, and September.
(Mailer Ships August 1st)

CoachCrate Plan Options
Pay for 4 Quarters and save $20
Including all shipping within the US*
You will be billed at $376 Annually
Pay per Quarter
Including all shipping within the US*
Billed Quarterly
With the 10% off for life discount applied**:
Pay for 4 Quarters and save $20
Including all shipping within the US*
You will be billed at $338.40 Annually
Pay per Quarter
Including all shipping within the US*
Billed Quarterly
*There is an additional shipping charge for outside of the US.
**Use code 104Life at checkout. Deal only applicable until September 1st 2021
The Reviews Are In!
Wow - 10 stars - Give this box a try!
"I started a couple of months ago with my CoachCrate subscription and haven't looked back since. I look forward to getting my next box each month just as everyone else has commented within their review. If you are someone who is always looking for additional tools to help you in personal growth areas then you will enjoy this box. I have found the items included within each box to be fresh and well thought out in content and quality. Each month's box is developed around a specific personal growth topic such as communication, improving your relationships, gratitude..etc. Most boxes include a topic specific book you can easily read within a month and an associated workbook to assist you in working towards a weekly goal. There are several other well selected items included within each box that are specific to the topic along with something personal for you. In addition, you can choose to be apart of a closed CoachCrate Facebook group for discussions, and a weekly email with a link to additional weekly material and a video message by Cassandra. If you are hesitant in trying this box, be assured you will be pleasantly satisfied with a subscription to this box. I have not found any other subscription box comparable in content to what you will receive in this box. Enjoy!" ~ Gwen
Amazing Service 
"I have been receiving these boxes for the past few months. They are amazing. You get so much information and learn a lot about yourself and how to get through certain issues in your life. You can tell a lot of thought and effort gets put into everything that is chosen. I love the guidebooks for the reading cause it helps reinforce what you learn. I love this service and would encourage anyone who needs a little help to get it. I am so glad I came across this box when I did." ~Nicole
More than a box of stuff!
"I absolutely love this CoachCrate! It was so thoughtfully packed, included a lot and more than I expected for the month's intention and had a unique pairing of the book of the month + a book guide. This is the first subscription service I have had where it actually supports implementation and action rather than just sending a bunch of things! 
Thank you so much Cassandra + Team!" - Margaret
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About Us
Our passion and purpose is helping people live their most extraordinary, goodness-filled lives! 
And we had many of the coaching bases covered.
Private coaching- check!
Group Coaching- check!

There was something missing. Something that would allow people to have a deeper look into amazing books and content, to work at their own pace with support and guidance, and provide helpful tools that made personal growth easier and more fun! We were inspired...How can we continue to provide awesome coaching in a more accessible, flexible way? 

Cue CoachCrate!

CoachCrate is all about you living your happiest, bravest, most loving, bold, and beautiful life! We are all about pushing past comfort zones of what we think we can do and living our most extraordinary lives!
Meet Cassandra!
Cassandra is a coach, founder of CoachCrate, and your personal growth guide!

She started professionally coaching after seeing how much of an impact her own experiences, guidance, training, and advice helped people transform their lives and GET RESULTS.  She is dedicated to your success and providing actionable ways for you to challenge yourself, embrace your goodness, and grow into your most extraordinary life.

She walks you through each quarter with nerdy references, quirky analogies, the occasional cuss word, and a fierce passion for you and your well-being. 
The Reviews Are In!
First CoachCrate - total win!
"I have subscribed to a ton of different boxes over the years and this is one of the best curated ones I have ever received. I have not been able to take advantage of the "extras" available in the facebook group, but I look forward to doing that soon. Simplify was the perfect message given what is going on in the world right now, and I can't wait to receive next month's Resilience box...another perfectly timed theme." - Ilana
Actually finishing the books!
"These boxes are amazing. It is like receiving a special gift from your best friend every month. The boxes love on you with nurturing gifts and the book choices are amazing! I finish each book every month and am so impressed with the gifts and books. I get excited for my surprise box every month and appreciate the motivation to actually finish books and love on myself with all the goodies. Highly recommend!!" - Alisha
Lifelong Subscriber After Just One Box!
"Honestly, I signed up for this box because I thought it was a really cool idea, but I wasn't entirely sure what to expect or if it would be able to actually coach me through anything since it was just a box filled with stuff. Well, let me tell you, it has been one of the best subscription boxes that I have personally ever signed up for. I love that it has themes that we are all working through in the month together, and all of the products revolve around the theme. Then you also get a community that are working through the box as well, and have Cassandra popping in all the time to offer encouragement and support. It is more than just a box with some stuff in it, and I actually did get so much out of it. And, what's more, is that it made me feel even more empowered because even though I had all of the support from the group and the activities in the box, I was making the conscious decision myself to go through the steps myself and do the work. So you get the coaching aspect, but you also build your confidence because at the end of the day you are still the one choosing to show and do the work or not. It's pretty powerful stuff, guys!" - Rebecca
CoachCrate Unboxing Videos!

Quarterly CoachCrate unboxing videos coming soon! 

What is CoachCrate?
CoachCrate is a monthly subscription box created by LifeWorth LLC that provides Quarterly personal growth right to your door (or where ever your mail gets dropped off)! We plan three months of personal growth for you with online coaching with materials and a monthly plans.  
Who is CoachCrate for?
CoachCrate is for anyone who wants to challenge themselves to think and live in new, positive ways. 
When will I get my Deluxe CoachCrate?
Most of our shipments arrive within 3-5 days of us shipping them to you. With international shipments, shipping can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. 
What are your shipping and billing policies?
We ship starting the 18th of the month previous to the start of the quarter. (Check out our timeline here) You are charged immediately after you order, and are automatically renewed monthly on the 1st of the month before the start of the next Quarter. CoachCrate is not responsible for any lost or stolen boxes due to incorrect address. Please make sure your shipping address is correct. If a box is returned to us because of an invalid address, a reshipping and handling fee of $8.95 will be charged to reship the package (for packages outside of the United States the reshipping and handling fee is $17.95).
Can I return or exchange anything from my box?
We only exchange or return broken or defected items, which we will exchange for the same item if still available. We do require proof of damage send to within 14 days of you receiving your box. 
What do I do if something is damaged when I receive it?
If you open your box and your product is damaged, we recommend taking a picture of it before you unpack the rest of the box. This helps us see how we can better improve our shipping and packaging, as well as providing the required proof of damage for your exchange. Please send proof of damage to within 14 days of receiving your box. 
Does CoachCrate ship internationally?
YES!!!!! Due to customs, we cannot guarantee that your CoachCrate will get to you before the 1st of the month. 
What if my box is lost or stolen?
All claims must me made through the USPS official website. We are not responsible for any incorrect addresses entered by the buyer or lost/stolen packages once we hand off to USPS. 
Why do you do an auto-renew?
We have found that people prefer to not have the hassle of having to renew. But here is the deal, we want to you be happy with what you're getting and to actually want what you're getting. That is why before we renew your subscription we send an email to remind you that it's happening. No smoke and mirrors here! 
When does my subscription auto-renew?
Your subscription renews on the 1st of the month before the start of the Quarter. Seasonal renewal dates are as follows: September 1st, December 1st, March 1st, and June 1st. If you are enrolled in the annual option it will renew a year from your purchase date. This information is in the account section of your profile. 
What happens if I subscribe then cancel immediately?
If you subscribe then cancel right away, you are not canceling your current subscription but rather you are canceling renewing your subscription. This means that if you purchased an annual pre-paid subscription you would receive only those four quarters of boxes and your plan would not be automatically renewed. 
If you wish to cancel the full subscription, including receiving any boxes. Please email us at before the monthly deadline and we will give you a full refund and you won't receive any of the boxes. 
How do I get my online content?
To get your CoachCrate online content, create an account and log in here. Each month new content will be posted and ready for you! 
Why do I have a separate log in for my online content and my account information?
We use different systems for online content and your account information. This helps us keep your information more secure and also keep all of our content better organized! 
The Reviews Are In!
Care goes into each box!
"You can tell a lot of care goes into this box. The details, items, descriptions, wrapping. I have yet to begin the reading, but I look forward to it! This is my second box and I enjoy the items more than the wallet and incense holder from last time, so glad I gave another chance." - Emma
Loving this Journey!
"Loving this journey....first box and worth it. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to be a better version of themselves.
I’m so excited to see more." ~Nina
I look forward to this box!
"I tried one box when there was a special going on thinking it might be fun to give it a try. I was hooked! There is a new theme each month, and you get some great material and support, as well as some fun goodies. I’ve really enjoyed focusing on self-improvement and learning these past few months and will keep it up. I seriously look forward to getting my box every month, especially during this time when we’re all stuck at home. If you’re on the fence, I recommend trying one box to see for yourself." - Laura
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Have questions, comments, or excitement? 
Contact us at
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