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Your Best Self in a Box!
A unique coaching plan delivered monthly to your door. . . hello happiness!
Your Best Self in a Box!
A unique coaching plan delivered monthly to your door. . . hello happiness!
How It Works:
We plan a month of personal growth for you with online coaching with materials and a monthly plan along with 3-6 items for your relaxation, productivity, growth, and overall well-being! 
Step 1
Join the team!
Choose between 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscription plans!
Save more with longer subscriptions. 
No contract, cancel anytime! 
Step 2
The Crate ships to you!
We plan a month of personal growth for you and send it along with 3-6 items for your relaxation, productivity, growth, and fun!

 Your box is shipped to you between the 23rd and 25th of each month. 

(This means if you order a box for June, it will be shipped at the end of May!)
Step 3
Look out world!
Once you receive your crate unbox and enjoy! 

You will find everything you need for your month of coaching inside the box!

Start the coaching plan the 1st of the month to get the most out of your CoachCrate!
What's Inside the Box?
In each CoachCrate you receive:
  •  Monthly Coaching Breakdown: Your growth plan for the month! 
  •  Book with Reading Guide: Our reading guide provides tips, tricks, and suggestions while working through the book of the month. We also provide questions to expand and grow upon what you are reading! (It's like a book club in a guide!) * 
  •  1 to 3 Exclusive Recorded Online Coaching Session(s): These recorded coaching session provide coaching and a platform to connect, ask questions, and push past your comfort zone. Since the sessions are pre-recorded you have the ability to watch and re-watch whenever your schedule allows it! **
  •  Additional Coaching Content: In the forms such as a live group coaching call, worksheets and exercises, audio files, and more! ***
  •  3-6 Productivity, Relaxation, Growth, and Well-Being Items:  Every month we choose products that help you relax, grow, organize, and do this whole "out of the comfort zone" thing a little bit easier in alignment with the topic or area of focus for that month. Quality is important to us. We do our best to fill your crate with products you will use and adore. 
*Every fourth month -- February, June, and October --- we take a "Book Break" and focus more on coaching content. These months there is more customized coaching and items in the box. 
** The Coaching Session provided in each CoachCrate are exclusively pre-recorded content  for each month's topic. These sessions are NOT private coaching calls.  
***Coaching content varies month by month. Not every month will have a live group coaching call. 
Just Sent Box: December
This December we look at all of the relationships in our lives and work to get them healthier and stronger. We will touch on romantic and non-romantic relationships as we prepare for the time of year when we spend dark days (literally) in close quarters with loved ones and hard-to-love ones.

The ordering for this box closed November 21st and is shipped out between November 23rd-25th. 

It's not too late to get your December Box! Purchase yours below ↓
Upcoming Box: January
This January we put intention behind our time and action to get the most out of this rich and beautiful life!  We will not only hit the start of the year strong, but we will build up habits and practices that will set us up for a sustainable and productive year. Like always, we look at this topic holistically so that you are able to grow mind, body, and spirit!  

The ordering for this box closes December 21st and ships December 21st-22nd.

**If any subscriptions are made for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday this is the first box you will receive! 
Last Month's Box: November
The Journey
Monthly Breakdown: Your plan to November with weekly assignments and daily checklist! 
The Book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Unofficial Book Companion:  Work through the book with suggestions and tips from your coach!
Coaching Content:  Online “Personal Legend” Workbook and Weekly ‘Live’ Videos

Item #1: "Beginning" Bag — This lightweight, cotton tote is the perfect little bag for daily adventures!
Item #2: Wicks+Words Personal Legend Candle — Warm and earthy this candle reminds you to follow your Personal Legend
Item #3: Guidance Stones — These stones will help you on your quest to fulfill your dreams
Item #4: Path & Passion Cards— Use these cards to give you guidance and support as you live your journey
The Reviews Are In!
Can't WAIT for my next box!
"I just received my first CoachCrate in the mail and it was awesome! It was for the month of June and the focus is on Gratitude. It came with a small book and journal to learn and record my daily gratitude. It also came with other fun/cute things like tea and a small glass jar with daily print outs. I am so glad I signed up for this box and can't WAIT for next months. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun way to work on bettering yourself." ~ Ali
Cassandra is one of a kind!
"CoachCrate boxes are amazing! An awesome combination of monthly coaching content and well-being items to enhance our personal growth. The monthly breakdown outlines an entire month of coaching in a clear, easy to follow way that helps us implement the content in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming. Having access to additional online content and coaching calls is phenomenal! It is truly like having a coach delivered to your house each month. Cassandra is one of a kind! She challenges, encourages, and is passionate about life and growth. Her enthusiasm easily motivates me to use the tools in the box to live my best life each and every day!" ~Kelli
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October 2018
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About Us
Our passion and purpose is helping people live their most extraordinary, goodness-filled lives! 
And we had many of the coaching bases covered.
Private coaching- check!
Group Coaching- check!
Retreats- coming soon!

There was something missing. Something that would allow people to have a deeper look into amazing books and content, to work at their own pace with support and guidance, and provide helpful tools that made personal growth easier and more fun! We were inspired...How can we continue to provide awesome coaching in a more accessible, flexible way? 

Cue CoachCrate!

CoachCrate is all about you living your happiest, bravest, most loving, bold, and beautiful life! We are all about pushing past comfort zones of what we think we can do and living our most extraordinary lives. That is why we focus on one area of growth each month and bring you a monthly coaching breakdown, a personal development book, exclusive online coaching and content, along with high quality products that promotes relaxation, productivity, growth and overall well-being! 
Meet Your Coach!
Cassandra is a life coach and founder of CoachCrate. 

I started professionally coaching after seeing how much of an impact my own experiences, guidance, training, and advice was helping people transform their lives and GET RESULTS. I am dedicated to your success and providing actionable ways for you to challenge yourself, embrace your goodness, and grow into your most extraordinary life.

I coach with nerdy references, quirky analogies, the occasional cuss word, along with a fierce passion for you and your well being. I believe in coaching the "whole" self.  Which means we will look at both the taking action/productivity side as well as the physical and emotional side of your growth! 

I can't wait for you to join me! Let's do this!
Working with Cassandra:
"She has the perfect blend of light hearted-ness and wisdom. Cassandra puts a smile on my face and ignites a light in my soul."
"She (Cassandra) and this work has changed everything..."
" With her guidance, I began to shift my perspective to create happiness for myself and find empowerment in times of adversity. It has been life-changing."
What is CoachCrate?
CoachCrate is a monthly subscription box created by LifeWorth LLC that delivers monthly themed coaching content right to your door (or where ever your mail gets dropped off)! We plan a month of personal growth for you with online coaching with materials and a monthly plan along with 3-6 items for your relaxation, productivity, growth, and overall well-being! 
Who is CoachCrate for?
CoachCrate is for anyone who wants to challenge themselves to think and live in new, positive ways. 
How does it work?
Your coach, Cassandra, provides focused content for you each month in the form of recorded videos, worksheets, guides and more, along with a personal growth/self-help/productivity book (the book is different each month and selected from a variety of authors), and 3-6 products that promote relaxation, productivity, growth, and/or are helpful for your overall wellbeing! 
When will I get my box?
Unlike other subscription box services, we make sure you receive your months box at the beginning of the month so that you can use it the entire month. This means that if you wanted the June box, you would order in May and receive it at the end of May/early June. You should receive your box sometime between the 25th of the month and the 1st of the next month. 
What are your shipping and billing policies?
We ship between the 23-25th of each month. You are charged immediately after you order, and are automatically renewed monthly on the 4th of your renewal month. CoachCrate is not responsible for any lost or stolen boxes due to incorrect address. Please make sure your shipping address is correct. 
Can I return or exchange anything from my box?
We only exchange or return broken or defected items, which we will exchange for the same item if still available. We do require proof of damage send to within 14 days of you receiving your box. 
What is a Book Break and when are they?
A Book Break is a month in our service when we fill your CoachCrate with other goodies and coaching without having a book in your box. We do this every 4th month in order for you to catch up on any books you are behind on as well as use other styles of coaching to help you grow. Our Book Break months are: October, February, and June. 
What do I do if something is damaged when I receive it?
If you open your box and your product is damaged, we recommend taking a picture of it before you unpack the rest of the box. This helps us see how we can better improve our shipping and packaging, as well as providing the required proof of damage for your exchange. Please send proof of damage to within 14 days of receiving your box. 
Does CoachCrate ship internationally?
What if my box is lost or stolen?
All claims must me made through the USPS official website. We are not responsible for any incorrect addresses entered by the buyer or lost/stolen packages once we hand off to USPS. 
Why do you do an auto-renew?
We have found that people prefer to not have the hassle of having to renew every month. But here is the deal, we want to you be happy with what you're getting and to actually want what you're getting. That is why before we renew your subscription we send an email to remind you that it's happening. No smoke and mirrors here! 
When does my subscription auto-renew?
Your subscription renews on the 4th of the month of each subscription cycle. For example, if you signed up for a month my month subscription, your subscription will renew every month on the 4th. If you signed up for a three (3) month subscription, you will be auto-renewed every three (3) months on the 4th of that third month. And so on. This information is in the account section of your profile. 
What happens if I subscribe then cancel immediately?
If you subscribe then cancel right away, you are not canceling your current subscription but rather you are canceling renewing your subscription. This means that if you purchased a three (3) month subscriptions you would receive only those three months of boxes and your plan would not be automatically renewed. 
If you wish to cancel the full subscription, including receiving any boxes. Please email us at before the monthly deadline and we will give you a full refund and you won't receive any of the boxes. 
How do I get my online content?
To get your CoachCrate online content, create an account and log in here. Each month new content will be posted and ready for you! 
Why do I have a separate log in for my online content and my account information?
We use different systems for online content and your account information. This helps us keep your information more secure and also keep all of our content better organized! 
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